Spotlight on Marine Collagen with Stacey Kasdorf | AURA MIND & BODY

Stacey Kasdorf, Canadian Instagram star and blogger shares with us her green smoothie with AURA Marine Collagen picked up from @thisisforty. Stacey opens up about her struggles with postpartum hair loss and working around the clock with her three bundles of joy. Send her some love and check her out here!

Cinderella and I made a green smoothie yesterday before all of the Halloween candy infiltrated our house. We added the @yourauranutrition Marine Collagen that I picked up the other day from @thisisfortify, which I couldn’t taste at all. I love being able to add things to my smoothies that don’t alter the taste but up the nutritional content! You all know I love me some collagen to help with my postpartum hair loss. What’s the one nutritional powerhouse you always add to your smoothies?

AURA Wild Ocean 300g Review by Stacey Kasdorf



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