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Did you know there are 20 MILLION people in Canada who have something up with their gut (not just eating too much pizza and feeling bloated... but something else)? We talk everything gut related! Digestive issues, IBS, discomfort, how to know if it's just something you ate, or if you need to seek MD treatment, FODMAPS and more.

Jessica Roo is a Registered Dietitian from North Vancouver, BC who is the Owner/Founder of @jess_nourishes.

She has a 5-year university science degree focused solely on Human Health & Nutrition (in BC, only UBC graduates only 37 Dietitians per year). She sought out helping others as she has struggled with IBS for years and knew that she could change lives through her story, expertise and knowledge. Her passion is all about helping people figure out the root cause of their digestive issues, and cooking up healthy, fast, non-bloating recipes, which you'll see all over her IG and website:

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