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3 Health Hacks to Stay on Track while Being SOCIAL!

Chara, nails this one. Have you ever experienced anxiety around social situations because it might throw off your health and fitness game? Eating out, drinking, desserts... without a plan consuming all of these things can be incredibly overwhelming and can lead to social isolation in order to stay on track.

These 3 tips are KEY to staying committed to your health and STILL enjoy your social outings. Especially in the summer! Chara starts off with Healthy Road Pops, she’s a genius.

  1. Have an AURA Protein Sachet Packet in your purse/gym bag.
  2. Avoid alcohol and instead, rely on fresh and healthy beverages.
    At a bar or restaurant, you can ask for fresh herbs to mix in with your protein sachet or Collagen/MCTs sachet.
  3. Plan ahead.
    Any pre-made mix greens, or vegetable sticks, pre-made salad with some protein so in social situations can take it on the go. So whenever you are heading to a barbeque or picnic you can always be eating healthy and be mindful.

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